Mariners Analysis

Friday, April 27, 2007

KC no pushover

I find it interesting some people see this weekends series as a good time to build up some wins before going on a tough East Coast road trip. While it sounds good on paper, we all know sports doesn't work this way.

If talent was the sole determiner of wins, the Yankees would beat the Devil Rays literally every time they play. And certainly overall the Rays have lost many more times to the Yankees.

But in small 3 game series, a team has a hard time penciling in wins before the game is played. (Just looks at the Rays record some years against the Yankees.) ESPECIALLY if the team is playing like the Mariners.

The same Mariner team that just lost 6 in a row (and needed Texas' pitching and Oakland's offensive woes to stop it). The same Mariner team that has Jeff Weaver taking the mound every 5th game. The same team that can't draw walks or score runs consistently, and the same team that's finished in last place the past 3 years.

I'm not so sure the Royals aren't looking at the Mariners and feeling like they need to grab some wins while they can too! I'm sure they'd rather play the M's than Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago...

I'll be happy if the M's get two+ wins this weekend (like any fan), but they will need to play better than they have if they want to win series on a consistent basis. Let's not get too carried away here, the M's have some serious flaws as a team.

They are as likely to lose this series as win it- it's the hallmark of a .500 team or worse.

Is anyone ready to believe the M's are better than .500 based on what we've seen so far?