Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Morrow != Lowe

As I said in the earlier post, I don't believe Morrow is this years version of Mark Lowe. However, I feared Hargrove would think he had the same thing based on his Texas outing.

From the Times:

"It gives you a more secure feeling, knowing he can go longer and still hold his stuff and be effective," Hargrove said. "If he comes in and throws strikes in those situations, with that velocity, on this club it moves him more towards the role that Mark Lowe had for us last year."

A good analogy many have used is this: Would the Mariners have ever treated Felix Hernandez in the say way they are treating Brandon Morrow?

Of course not.

We got here because:

1) Bavasi downgraded the bullpen by trading Soriano
2) Rhodes couldn't stay healthy
3) Mateo sucks but is owed money
4) Hargrove/Bavasi fighting for their job

Because of these 4 factors, Brandon Morrow is the only 2006 player drafted playing in the majors today.

I'll remind you, before the Texas "success" Morrow was supposed to pitch in non-critical situations to gain experience and build arm strength. After one outing and a total of 8.1 innings this season Hargrove is already eying him for the Lowe role.

Can Hargrove be fired quickly enough?