Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Not sure what people are seeing in Weaver

The day after Weaver pitched, Geoff Baker argues he was close to having a good game.

"Weaver did not pitch as badly as his final line looks. He was within an inch or so of getting out of that fifth inning..."

Wow- that is not the same pitcher I saw last night. I agree 100% with Dave over at U.S.S Mariner.

There is no way he continues to stay in a Mariner uniform if he continues pitching like he did last night. He was not an inning away, a pitch away, a bad call away from being good. He was throwing stuff up there last night that was awful- no velocity, no movement, no location. He was playing with fire all night. The way he was getting ahead of hitters was by watching them just miss his meatballs as their eyes lit up like saucers when they saw what was coming their way. I think the Twins hitters had to readjust their swings a bit. Probably telling themselves to slow down and remember this is just like batting practice.

Don't get me wrong, I want Jeff Weaver to be good. I'm a Mariner fan first and foremost, and hope we wins the Cy Young this year. It's just after his first two starts, things don't look very promising.

Tonight- King Felix takes the mound. I'll be there, as should many of you.

Should be a great game.