Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Offensive woes continue

I would agree, a fan arguing about the offense 4 games in to the season is rarely to be taken seriously. Normally a month tells you something, but not a week.

But as any observer will tell you, it's not the fact they aren't hitting, it's the WAY they are not hitting. Swinging at terrible pitches, refusing to work the count, letting the opposing pitcher cruise on low pitch counts.

Not only does it not allow you to win the game, in some ways its about the worst possible disease a team can have. It makes the fans want to leave/turn off the game. There is little more uninteresting about a team than watching your offense continue to go down meekly in order. Watching your pitcher walk guys is maddening, but you know it can be fixed. Watching an entire offense flail away with a flawed approach to the game is another.

If this continues, the blame squarely lays on Bavasi and Hargrove's feet. Hargrove for not teaching/motivating/appreciating a quality at-bat, and Bavasi for allowing him to do it for yet a new season.

Seriously, if the teams offense continues to stink and we suddenly hear Hargrove is getting an extension this team will lose fans.