Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stats out of whack

With the Mariners in first place, the casual fan sees little to complain about. The story of Felix and his early success is generating national interest, and newcomers like Vidro and Guillen have made at least modest contributions.

Because the team has missed four games, it's difficult to really judge this team right now. You can't compare HR totals, walks etc... with teams that have played a full schedule. Of course the team will be in the bottom of almost every statistic. Early in the season, four games is a pretty big gap to make up, not to mention the layoff and any effects (real or imagined) it might have had.

This team hasn't faced a lefty, hasn't played a full series on the road, hasn't had a significant injury.

Honestly, it will be a month before we can really judge what we have. I expect one of the Washburn/Batista/Ramirez boys to be better than we thought, but can't possibly figure out which one yet, and have almost no faith Weaver will be on the team in July. But those are just guesses- ask me in June and we can have a discussion. Everything right now is best argued over a beer, because for once I have to agree with Hargrove on something.

It's just too early to figure this team out right now.