Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It was painful watching Jeff Weaver pitch tonight. He threw so many belt-high pitches over the middle of the plate it was a miracle he lasted as long as he did. It would be like if you or I were forced to pitch and we somehow lasted a few innings thanks to hitters whiffing on softball pitches.

Seriously, he is pitching like a poor-mans Ryan Franklin. He is pitching to contact- he has no movement to miss bats, and his fastball can't break 90. He looks like a bad AA ball pitcher right now.

It will be interesting to see if he can somehow turn it around. I can't remember seeing a pitcher magically find their stuff in quite the way Weaver has to- he needs 3-4 mph, command and movement in 2 months or he's out of a job.

If he continues to pitch like he does tonight, he'll be gone long before the All Star break. He will have a hard time getting his ERA under ten.

Tonight was really that bad.

He was dreadful, and still lowered his ERA.