Mariners Analysis

Monday, April 30, 2007

Weaver cannot start in NY

I've said consistently all year Weaver has looked terrible. He's not getting unlucky, he's not a break away from getting good, he's just bad. I was astounded when people argued he just need to work on a few things, because I see little hope he turns things around.

Having said that, no one could have predicted how badly Weaver did Saturday against KC. We are talking a level of bad that is hard to recreate.

Seriously, if you sent a high school pitcher in a game they couldn't have done worse. A softball slow-pitch hurler could not have done worse. Even if you grooved pitches down the middle at 70 mph, batters tend to get themselves out. They get under the pitch and fly out, they line out to a fielder etc...

For once, I will actually agree that Weaver was unlucky Saturday. Statistically it's hard to be as bad as Weaver was against the Royals.

Weaver has been historically bad in this starts this year. You couldn't find a pitcher with a worse start to a season in the last twenty years. Look it up, Weaver has set a new standard of terribleness.

There is NO WAY you can start Weaver against the Yankees. It would be funny as hell, and I'd be glued to my set, but it would be unfair to a fellow human being to subject them to such misery.

Send him to the bullpen, let him work on his confidence and start preparing his release papers.

But please don't start him this weekend.