Mariners Analysis

Friday, May 25, 2007

Competency test

Situation- the FO has two terrible starters they brought in, despite warnings signs showing extreme risk of failure.

The first pitcher, Weaver is off to a bad start of historical level. He is completely ineffective, and has cost the team multiple victories already after being allowed to take the mound despite the obvious lack of ability.

The second pitcher is Ramirez, who is also off to a bad start, although he has at least pitched decent in several home starts.

The team now realizes they need a starter in the near future after the Ramirez shoulder tightness. The test will be if they are stupid enough to actually put Weaver back in the starting rotation with no rehab assignment.

For comparison, many have used the Yankees situation with Kei Igawa. Despite investing FAR more money and resources in Igawa, despite having multiple injuries to their starting rotation, the Yankees never hesitated in sending Igawa down. The team realizes they cannot afford to give away games by playing the lottery and HOPING things would fix themselves out.

The Mariner FO is in a similar situation. They have two starters who are completely ineffective, yet they continue to rely on luck and divine intervention to bail them out, rather than sound reasoning.

The smart thing to do for both Weaver and Ramirez is to put them through a rehab assignment that includes minor league games before either sees the mound as a Mariner again. If the FO fails this simple test, we have yet again direct evidence our management is clueless.