Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Don't understand the predictions

Plenty of people are arguing the team needs to finish 7-2 during the next 9 games in order to be in the division race. The optimism is based on KC and Tampa, and then hoping for a good showing in Anaheim.

I really don't see why everyone sees these games as so winnable. Sure KC and Tampa are two of the worst teams in the AL, but are they really that much worse than Seattle? The Mariners haven't swept a series of three or more games all year, and yet we are pinning our hopes on a smackdown on the road no less? I just don't see it.

Realistically you hope the team can win both series against Tampa and KC. That puts them at 4-2. Against Anaheim on the road, you hope to win one game. That's put the team at 5-4 on the homestand, and seems more realistic to me.

Now of course it would be great if the team could take the series with the Angels, but it's also just as likely the team doesn't win both series with KC or Tampa. Again, 7-2 or better seems like a dream at this point.

The Mariners are a .500 right now. I just don't see them beating up on the cellar-dwellars like many others do. We'll see who's right.