Mariners Analysis

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hargrove and Bavasi lose again

I'm past the point of blaming Weaver for a loss. The guy clearly wants to succeed, but simply doesn't have the ability to do it right now. Every time he gets sent to the mound, the onus is squarely on Hargrove and Bavasi to try and justify why they keep giving games away.

I saw no improvement in his last start, and saw nothing today that was even remotely surprising. When hitters are batting almost .500 like they are against Weaver, he really has no place to go but down on every outing. Meaning, he was so historically bad to start the year, that yes you could argue he is "better" and showing improvement, but only by overstating his improvement in the worst way possible.

It all really depends on Felix now. If he comes back as planned, Weaver MIGHT have pitched his last game as a starter.

Let's hope Felix stays on schedule and Hargrove gets Weaver taken away.