Mariners Analysis

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'll take 'em

As the M's go for the sweep, I'm of course happy to see them win. While you don't expect to see this team sweep anybody, of course it could happen at any time. Certainly we all expect them to sweep a few series over the season, and Tampa is as good a place as any to do it. They have looked absolutely awful the past few games.

Kansas City has been quietly playing better the past week. The Meche/Felix matchup should be pretty interesting to watch, and at least adds a subplot to an otherwise fairly boring series. For those that are against interleague play, I don't see how the Padres are somehow a letdown compared to the bottom dwellers of the AL. This has been a pretty boring series, if for no other reason you don't feel as much joy when they win. It's more of a "at least we didn't lose" feeling than any sort of real elation. I'll get more enjoyment when the team plays a little stiffer competition, and the Anaheim series is going to be real interesting.

I'm not a big fan of HoRam, but today is a chance for him to take a step forward and at least not be completely useless on the road. Let's see how he and the rest of the team plays out the final game.