Mariners Analysis

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'll take the win

Any time we beat the Yankees, I feel pretty good the rest of the day. So taking two of three from NY was good for me and the team, and gives them some momentum as they gear up for Anaheim.

But while Ramirez had spectacular results yesterday, I still have major reservations. He still pitches to contact, and doesn't show me anything to believe he can reliably get hitters out. He is the definition of a 5th starter. He can throw shutout baseball for 5 innings, or he can get lit up and be out of the game in 3. He's what you expect out of your least talented starting pitcher, and certainly not what you'd give up a top-flight reliever for.

Consider what Alex had to say about Ramirez:

“He gave us some great pitches to hit,” Alex Rodriguez said. “That was more puzzling than the bullpen. The bullpen came in throwing 100 miles an hour; it is what it is. But a guy like Ramirez, you’d like to feel you could score four or five runs.”

I felt watching the game yesterday it was more a case of the Yankees getting themselves out instead of a great performance by Ramirez. I'm also not buying the Safeco argument- it helps him to be sure, but you can't be an effective pitcher if your success is tied solely to your home park.

Happy for the win- still have reservations about HoRam.