Mariners Analysis

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Important part of the schedule

We are going to learn a lot about the M's over the next few weeks. They may never be two games over .500 again all year. They could have disaster series and never recover- they could get shelled tonight in Boston, tomorrow in NY and then have Jeff Weaver take the mound trying to stop a two-game slide. It could get ugly real fast.

Or, the M's might steal some wins, stay around .500 and then continue to beat up on the Rangers, Devil Rays etc... and actually be worth investing some time in this summer.

This will be a very interesting time to watch the M's. I mean who isn't getting pumped to see Weaver take the mound in NY? Will he give up 10 runs? Will Hargrove yank him after two innings? Will he pitch a complete game shut-out? It's as close to must-see TV as we'll get all year.

Dice-K on the mound, and the M's better roll up their sleeves. They have a lot of work in front of them.