Mariners Analysis

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Road trip went as expected

It would have been great to have taken the Anaheim series, but overall the road trip went about as well as could be expected. As I said before they left, taking both series in KC and Tampa was a reasonable expectation, and you hoped to not get swept in Anaheim. They swept the Royals which was a pleasant surprise, but otherwise the trip went about as well as a .500 team would expect to do.

It was tough watching Felix pitch- he clearly was leaving pitches up and paid the price. I did think the strike zone was inconsistent and he got screwed on a few that should have been strikes but weren't. For some reason he wasn't throwing his curve as much and he stuck to his fastball a little too often... so tough to watch.


If Weaver is really being put back in the rotation, I simply give up on this issue. What more can we say? The team is not interested in winning, puts pride over wins etc... it's so obvious why it's a bad move. I hope public opinion is overwhelmingly negative and Weaver, Hargrove, Bavasi and the rest of the decision makers get an earful.

How hard will you cheer for Weaver when he pitches after refusing a rehab assignment?