Mariners Analysis

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vidro update

We took a look earlier this year and compared Vidro and Snelling. At the time, Chris was putting up better numbers, and was cheaper.

Time to check in again.

As of May 17th, we have Snelling on the DL. Uh oh, if you are not a Snelling fan this is probably all you need to hear to want to tip the trade in Bavasi's favor.

At the same time, we keep hearing from the M's propaganda machine how Vidro is one of the teams best hitters.

If we look at Vidro's current numbers, we get:

I doubt many fans of this trade will try to justify a .705 OPS from a DH. However, when you project those numbers out to a full season is when it really gets ugly. If Vidro continues as he has for a full season, his totals would be:
9 HR
43 RBI's

Yep, that's right. Jose Vidro, batting behind Ichiro is on pace for 43 RBI's! And earning almost $8 million in the process.

Snelling will be back in two weeks, and we can pick this up later in the season. But even if you don't like comparisons between the two, you have to admit we need more out of our DH.

At what point will Hargrove realize Vidro simply cannot reside at the top of the order? He's seriously hurting this team offensively, no batter what Sims., Blowers or the rest of the PR reps are saying.

If Bavasi and Hargrove are serious about winning this year, they need to sit Vidro more and move him lower in the lineup.

Sorry, but the numbers don't lie.