Mariners Analysis

Monday, June 25, 2007

Griffey reunion over

While I didn't purposely plan on being out of town for a week while Griffey was in town, I'm glad it worked out that way. I would have gone crazy watching "fans" cheering when the opposing teams player got a hit. I would have gotten even more disgusted when the "fans" booed a Mariner for having the audacity to strike out an opponent.

I understand some fans are morons. While it's not moronic to want Griffey back, it is moronic to do some of the things seen over the weekend. If bringing Griffey back meant more of those "fans" came to watch, it would probably drive me to see more games from the TV.

The old Griffey is gone. The Griffey people want to remember, with the million-watt smile and spectacular defense, is gone. The current Griffey hasn't bothered to set foot in the city for 8 years, but people want him back. Sure he moved his family to the cultural mecca called Orlando, and used that as an excuse to force a trade, but for some reason the "fans" don't care.

I care. I remember the way he left. I still get satisfaction every time I see the Reds lose in the box score. I still remember the remarks Bowden made at the time of the trade.

Griffey forgot how much this town appreciated his abilities. He was reminded this weekend how great it would have been if he had stayed.

Let him spend quality time with his family in Orlando, calendar free every October, far from Seattle.

The Old Griffey is gone, never to return.