Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

While we wait for Weaver's next start

Seriously, who's not excited to see Weaver's next start? Will he record an out, will he make it out of the first inning, will he pitch a complete game shutout, or does Willie run screaming from the dugout and chase Weaver all over the outfield on orders from Hargrove... the possibilities are endless. As stupid as the decision is to start Weaver, I'm beyond trying to fight it with words so I'll just tune-in and see what takes place. It truly is must-see TV for M's fans.

Meanwhile, the teams continues to hit and beat bad teams. In essence that has been the pattern. Lost in Cleveland. Beat Tampa and KC. Lost at Anaheim. Beat Texas. Beat Baltimore last night.

I'm certainly not complaining. While there is no question the hitting has coincided perfectly with the abysmal pitching we've seen, it has still been exciting. Last night when Vidro came in as a pinch hitter and got yet another infield single, it was fun! Who didn't feel relief when the game was tied and we realized Felix had been bailed out by his team and wouldn't take the loss? I can guarantee Felix will return the favor many times over the rest of the season when he singlehandedly wins games for the team.

The draft, the wins, the Weaver start, the booing of Bavasi over the weekend- this team has plenty to keep fans & bloggers busy.