Mariners Analysis

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Amazing story

So Felix was awesome yesterday, and the Mariners will finish with nothing less than at least a split of the series. Pretty amazing to be a Mariner fan.

But the really amazing story coming out of yesterday is news the letter Dave at USS Mariner penned actually made it's way to Felix and the pitching staff. While it's impossible to know the exact amount of influence it had in getting Felix to stop throwing ten consecutive fastballs, it obviously had some affect.

That I find simply amazing. I have always held the guys at USS Mariner in the highest regard, and their influence on this baseball team cannot be discounted. They are responsible for educating countless fans, and now in some small way have helped win a ball game.

I see a few people want to try and discount the role the letter played. They want to pretend USS Mariner has no influence on them or their team. This is simply laughable. To pretend they haven't noticed major ideas show first on USS Mariner and then trickle down to beat writers for the major papers would be silly. We are lucky to have one of the best baseball blogs in the country, and it's covering our team. I am happy to see them get some recognition, and hopefully the pot-shots a few simple-minded people take will not discourage them.

So back to baseball. The team sends Feierabend back to the mound, and this could be his last start of the season. With HoRam about to come off the DL, his days with the major league club appear numbered. I have actually liked his stuff better than most, and it would be nice to see him give the club reason to keep him around.

A series win over Oakland would be great over the ASB, and with news a certain pitcher in Chicago might be heading to Seattle would make for a great second half of the season.