Mariners Analysis

Monday, July 02, 2007

First day w/o Hargrove

So far so good. It hasn't really sunk it yet he's not the manager, but I expect to feel pretty good he left as the days go by. We just need the team to keep winning and this looks to be a great summer.

I've written before I feel a team that plays in Seattle needs to use the bench. That was one of my many knocks on Hargrove and his veteran, set lineup. It sounds like McLaren plans to use his bench more, but it must be the right guys.

Use Broussard more? Yes.

Use Bloomquist more? No.

He understands the concept, but can he successfully execute the plan? That remains to be be seen.

A new era starts today with McLaren. I hope you take advantage of your new job opportunity and succeed.