Mariners Analysis

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hernandez didn't lose last nights game

Let's make sure we don't go overboard on Felix yesterday. He did not cost the team the game. He could have pitched a shutout and kept them in the game, but he did not cost the team the game. The offense did that by not scoring a single run in either game all weekend.

Much as it pains me to make the comparison, if Felix had matched Weaver's performance from the day before and given up 1 run, the team still would have lost.

And no one would be blaming Felix for the loss.

Yes, he is young and had a temper tantrum on the mound. It's not a big deal, and I'm sure he'll learn from it. If it continues, then yes you get concerned. Right now, not so much.

The real concern is the offense. Ibanez has an OPS under .300 since the break. Sexson's numbers not only haven't sky rocketed upward, they're actually worse. You've struggled to score runs on a regular enough basis to eliminate the "hot pitcher" theory. It's a real problem if you don't score runs.

The argument against change was "don't mess with a winning team." The current status quo is not getting it done- I think a few more converts were made this weekend. You should have won 2 games in Toronto with decent hitting.

Our bullpen is still solid. Weaver is pitching well enough to deserve to stay in the rotation (much to my continued amazement). We still have Felix, Washburn and Bautista to run out there. Ichiro will remain a Mariner.

But at some point, the status quo critics will have to admit something needs to happen to this offense. I look to hear/see the plan quicker than they thought just a week ago.