Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Time for Ibanez fans to step up

Critics of the Jones call up have been easy to find- Thiel, Baker, Drayer, Krueger, Raul's Mom... we could go on and on.
Now that we are in a losing streak, it will be interesting to see what this group proposes we do.

Will they say something stupid?

An example would be: "I would trade Adam Jones for Dontrelle Willis"

We can't expect every columnist or Mariner fan to be an expert on every player in the league. However, even a cursory look into Willis says buyer beware. Is it asking too much for them to make at least a 30-second poke into said players current situation before they say they would trade the Mariners number one prospect?

For some, it would seem I am indeed asking too much.

But the point is, it was easy to suggest we do nothing when the team was winning.

Now that the Yankees are breathing down our necks, and the Angels continue to lose and still are leading the division, a sense of urgency for the stand-patters will develop.

I can only imagine what they will come up with.