Mariners Analysis

Sunday, July 01, 2007


I don't know what else to say. Jeff Weaver continues to pitch effectively, and the man I considered a pretty lousy manager abruptly resigns. And the Mariners won the game. And they continue to play great.

I'm happy, puzzled, mystified and looking at my dog funny. What, are you going to start talking now or something?

By far the biggest news of the season was the Hargrove bomb. I think we all knew he wasn't being pushed out- a 4-year contract extension seemed more likely. The first thing that sprang to mind when I heard was a medical issue. Perhaps Mike or someone in his family needed help that required more than a full-time skipper could give. The second thing that sprang to mind was some sort of he-said-she said, I'd better resign now before I end up on the Harold Reynolds talk show circuit. Seemed unlikely, but no less so than a manager simply quiting just when the team actually started playing well.

Hargrove was old school. That brings good and bad qualities. The bad things we've been over a million times, but the good side of the ledger meant loyalty and honor. To have a manager skip out, right when the team was winning just seems impossible to consider for a man like Mike Hargrove. Sure, Lou Piniella said goodbye to the Mariners, but not during a win streak for crying out loud!!

Hargrove has been here while the team played some of the worst baseball in recent memory. The team finally starts to play well, and he decides to leave? It's like asking out a beautiful girl a hundred times to go out with you, she finally accepts and then you bail right when it looks like she might actually like you. Mike is leaving before the payoff. How will he feel if the team makes the playoffs and gets to the postseason? How will he feel if the team is in the middle of a division title and he's sitting in a damn cabin somewhere playing boggle?

I'm not sure what a few more months would have hurt, but the man is entitled to do what he needs to do. I didn't like him as a manager, but I sure never saw him quitting in the middle of the season. Whatever caused him to do this must be important, and I hope he has no regrets. Listening to his press conference, it sounds like he's at peace with his decision. If he is managing next season in Tampa or somewhere, I might look at this differently.

Baseball is just a game, and the team should survive just fine. They are playing great, and it's fun to be a fan again.

Now can someone explain Jeff Weaver for me??