Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bavasi and the importance of the trading deadline

Since the Mariners didn't acquire any players at the deadline, even casual fans have wondered if Adam Jones would get the call up. According to Bill Bavasi, it is now ok to consider making the club better.

"Now that the trade deadline is past, (calling up Jones) is in play."

In other news, Bavasi also provided a list of additional activities that are now in play since the deadline has passed:
  • Making love to his wife
  • Mowing the yard
  • Filing '03 tax return
  • Returning Hargrove's calls
  • Scouting Lincecum for next years draft
I mean seriously, do the reporters at these conferences even stay awake?!! How can you let a guy make a ridiculous statement like "Now that the deadline is passed... Jones is in play" and not ask follow up questions. There is no rule that says prospects can't come up before the trading deadline. Did Andrew Miller rot in AAA for the Tigers while they waited for the deadline to pass? There is no unspoken rule in baseball either. This is Mariner baseball folks, hey look at the pretty boats on the screen... Isn't that moose great!

If you ever wondered if the M's were managed as a marketing company first and foremost, just add this evidence to the pile.