Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Boo mystery

It seems some of the Mariners can't figure out why the fans would boo a team that is finally getting good. After all, the team is 16 games over .500 and clearly exceeding expectations, so it would seem reasonable to wonder why more than an occasional boo might be uttered at the home park.

However, the mystery is not that difficult. While the Mariner moose and the FO likes to pretend 99% of the fans at the game want to eat hot dogs, watch the hydro races on the big screen and cheer for their favorite veteran player, reality is something else.

Fans pay a lot of money to watch baseball. They also commit a huge amount of time, whether it's sitting in traffic on the way to the park, or sitting in front of the TV. I'm not sure what universe Richie Sexson thinks people regularly make $14 million to suck, but it's not this one.

Last night was a perfect example. This should have been a must-see game for a Mariner fan. Felix against Santana. It doesn't get any better than that.

But instead of being in baseball bliss, I am fighting the urge to throw my TV through the window watching John McLaren managing a baseball game.

I seriously wondered if McLaren was trying to lose the game. He starts Vidro at second despite the obvious need to prevent any defensive mistakes in what will surely be a close game. The error Vidro makes in the first cost Felix an extra inning of work, and almost costs them the game.

The call to bring in Parrish was simply astonishing. Close game, against the premier pitcher in all of baseball and you bring in your worst reliever. I turned off the game for a while I was so upset, not wanting to watch the train wreck that was certain to happen.

McLaren last night was an idiot. The players won the game in spite of his moves, not because of them. When I see Baker commend McLaren on his choices, I simply can't believe my eyes. Did someone actually write that??

I have a lot of things to do in my free time. I don't have time to watch McLaren screw up a game, and I don't have free time to watch Sexson look ridiculous at the plate. Neither do plenty of other fans, who clearly are fed up with under performing 1st basemen and a management team that seems to need extensive on-the-job training.

I am happy to see the team do well, but I don't believe this team is doing all it can to make the playoffs. Plenty of other fans agree with me.

Mystery solved in my mind.