Mariners Analysis

Friday, August 03, 2007

Fun series

Anytime Boston comes to town it's fun, and then you add in the lingering affect of the dramatic win over the Angels and Adam Jones... I can't believe any serious Mariner fan isn't looking forward to this series.

It's interesting none of the local papers has any idea if/when Jones will play. I'm guessing he's in the lineup tonight and the manager will have to answer questions after the game on the plan going forward. It is also possible FSN or someone will have a pre-game interview that will prove helpful in answering some of our questions.

Winning this series would be huge. It would let everyone know the sky is not falling because a rookie is on the team. It would mean McLaren has not lost the clubhouse, or any of the other crazy theories being floated.

The A's are playing the Angels which means we win no matter what happens there. Let's get a good look at Lester and hopefully Adam Jones and see a great game tonight.