Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

McLaren loses game

If a competent manager was running the Mariners last night, would we have won the game?

Of course we'll never know, but we do have irrefutable proof that John McLaren lost last nights game. There were so many headscratching "what the hell were you thinking??" moves I'm sort of left speechless. Did last night really happen?

During the last month, the Mariners have won a lot of games. During that time we have tried to provide thoughtful analysis of moves the team has made. In general, any type of suggestion the team might be making a mistake was drowned out by "the team is winning so shut up."

Last night all the questionable moves this team has made caught up with them.

John McLaren not only doesn't deserve manager of the year, he just made an excellent case for being the worst manager in baseball. If you don't agree, you simply were not watching the game last night.