Mariners Analysis

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Will Jones play

Now that we hear Adam Jones is coming up tomorrow, the million dollar question is will he play? It will be a complete waste of time if they call him up and play him 1 to 2 games a week, but we have reason to fear this exact scenario.

For Jones to play regularly means someone is losing at-bats on a regular basis. I can't see Jones playing 1st, and I can't see him DH'ing much. This means Ibanez and Guillen will see reduced playing time and this seems hard to believe as well.

Don't forget, in only a few weeks is Raul Ibanez bobblehead night. You are kidding yourself if you don't think the team doesn't take this into account. It is quite possible the team will bring Jones up, play him in limited games under the guise of "easing him in" and then giving him the outfield job after the giveaway.

I know it doesn't make any sense, but neither does Jones sitting in Tacoma for all of July. You can platoon Broussard all you want, but I really don't see how that situation has much affect on Jones' playing time.

The lame plan would be to cycle Jones in all three outfield spots, including late inning replacement situations and try to find him at-bats in a piecemeal fashion. It's hard to see how this will help Jones get comfortable and help the team to the maximum of his abilities, but it will keep the veterans quiet.

Since it's lame and requires little imagination, I suspect it's being discussed right now.