Mariners Analysis

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Couldn't resist

I know I said I was only going to focus on Monday's game, but I saw this quote from Theo Epstein and had to laugh-

"We talk for a few years now how our biggest organizational challenge is to develop players who can come up and contribute during a pennant race," general manager Theo Epstein said. "We saw a little bit of that this weekend."

Compare this type of thinking to the Mariners. They prefer to rely on the same players who started the year (regardless of production) and have extreme difficulty finding playing time for talented player within their own ranks.

Ironic the team can call up 10 players in September while we complain the Broussard's and Jones' of the world don't get enough playing time as it is.

The Mariners are just a mess in so many ways. They needlessly rush players in their own farm system, have trouble finding playing time for them when they do make the club and can't be trusted to make sound trades involving the youngsters they can't/won't play.

Oh yeah, beat the damn Yankees and make me forget how much this team is dysfunctional.