Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mariners pad win total

I'll never complain about beating Oakland, but this was a BAD Athletics team. Their playoff hopes long since dashed, the team is clearly looking ahead.

Meanwhile, the M's called up half their farm system to learn on the bench. It's not clear when McLaren and Bavasi will run up the white flag, but it's clear they are more interested in trying to make a statement and save their jobs than look ahead to next season and get a look at the kids.

There is not ONE reason besides marketing bs to not take a look at what Clement or Johnson can do, not to mention Adam Jones. With Sexson out with an injury this has made Mac's job even easier yet he still cannot find a way to be creative here.

Essentially McLaren is exhibiting the same characteristics we saw with Bob Melvin. He can take a static lineup of veterans and copy it for the rest of the season, but has shown zero creativity or ability to think outside the box.

You'd like to think a team with a $107 million payroll wouldn't need to have yet another rookie manager learning on the job, but they do.

I thought earlier McLaren needed to avoid extending the losing streak to the end of the season to save his job. It looks like he agrees with that as he intends on neglecting the long term needs of the club for the security of a paycheck.

Not really any other way to explain it.