Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

McLaren fighting for job

It's hard to believe one month ago John McLaren was mentioned as a serious manager of the year candidate. There was legitimate talk of trying to give an award to both Hargrove and McLaren for their work with the M's this year.

Now McLaren is in serious jeopardy of losing his job. What was once an absolute certainty (his coming back) is now at least open for question. The Mariners did the one thing that might force the team to make a change by losing practically every game that mattered in the drive to the playoffs.

The M's are a conservative team that is reluctant to make a change. They like continuity and were expected to keep McLaren around and let him earn the job long term based on next years performance. The utter collapse of the team is forcing even the risk averse M's FO to reconsider that plan.

Do we have any evidence the team is actually considering replacing John McLaren at this time?


But we know this losing streak exposed obvious flaws in this team we have been observing for months. Even local columnists and beat writers are starting to question his moves, something they have been loathe to do all season.

If the M's finish at .500 can the team bring back the manager next year?

They can, but will have to weigh the risks of continuity versus a skeptical public being asked to buy their tickets.

John McLaren believes in his veterans. He might actually be trusting his job next year to the kids he wouldn't play as the team finishes the season.