Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

McLaren to winter ball?

As we all know, the Mariners have decided to send Adam Jones to Venezuela to try and make up for the fact he has been sitting on the bench for two months. Being the new Jason Ellison has required the talented outfielder to essentially stop playing baseball on a regular basis for the first time since he was in grade school. The Mariners feel it is worth risking an injury in a foreign country to try and recreate the missed at-bats and defense he has lost since being called to Seattle.

Meanwhile the team apparently feels it is perfectly appropriate for the rookie manager to learn on the job. It's ok to misuse your bullpen, avoid confrontation with your veterans, make poor roster decisions and over see a team collapse never before witnessed in baseball history.

Perhaps it makes more sense to send John McLaren to winter ball and let him work on a few things...