Mariners Analysis

Friday, September 28, 2007

No surprise Bavasi's coming back

I think many fans are wondering what he has actually accomplished to deserve another chance, but few can act surprised. This is a conservative organization that values many things- winning makes up only a part of what goes in to the decision. Bavasi doesn't criticize the owners, ballpark, players etc... he remains in the background, as management nods in approval. The fact he isn't terribly competent is not a concern for Lincoln and crew.

I did feel there was a chance McLaren could lose his job if the team struggled in the final weeks. With the team assured the PR claim of .500 baseball in place, McLaren was given the job for many of the same reasons as Bavasi.

It is doubtful Bavasi would have brought in an upgrade over McLaren anyway. Clearly if he saw need for improvement he would have demanded changes earlier, so he must like what he sees.

I do laugh at the quotes from Bavasi about not trading Jones. We can't find room to play him but we sure aren't going to trade him either!

I go into this off season with amusement. I can only guess what kind of hair brained ideas the bald one might come up with. It's amusing in a macabre kind of way, but it's all I've got as a Mariner fan.