Mariners Analysis

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thank God for Tampa Bay?

If the M's continued to lose as they had during the "streak" the managers job would surely come into question. You could start to see the desperation as he struggled to fill out the same lineup card day after day, watching the team lose. I'm sure he had many sleepless nights wondering if his likely last chance at a major league managing job might be slipping from his grasp...

Enter the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Three game winning streak later, McLaren breathing easier. While there was never any doubt he wouldn't finish out the season, I would say preventing a complete collapse has raised his job security in to the 99% category. The players like him and Bavasi is highly unlikely to make a major managerial change so soon on a man he picked himself just a short time ago.

After last nights win, a few optimists even ventured to wonder what might have happened had the Yankees not rallied last night. One day doom and gloom, a series against the Rays and suddenly people start feeling good again.

The team could certainly continue to pile up losses. For a few days many thought perhaps a .500 finish was even possible. That seems very unlikely now, but with Weaver and HoRam pitching every few days anything is possible.

If the schedule had included someone like Cleveland or Anaheim for this series instead of Tampa Bay, the story might be different.

Yes the team isn't losing every start not pitched by Felix. Yes it feels good to win a few games again.

The question still remains however. Can the team win against good opponents with this pitching staff and this lineup?

I'm not sure Tampa Bay has really answered any questions, other than allowing McLaren to sleep better.