Mariners Analysis

Monday, September 03, 2007

Tonight had to happen

The Mariners had a nine game losing streak staring them in the face. They had HoRam scheduled to take the mound tomorrow. They had Felix on the mound.

They did what they had to do- stop the streak and get a decent nights sleep. Tomorrow is a whole new day, and could very well be the start of a new streak. The Mariners face a tough opponent in Wang, and have one of the worst starters in baseball taking the mound.

A win tomorrow would be huge. It would not only give you a tie, but would tell the Yankees you're not going away.

You had to win today. You need to win tomorrow.

You'll be stealing a win tomorrow if you get it. You have no business winning a game against Wang when Ramirez is taking the mound.

Tomorrow is worth watching. My hands will be partially covering my eyes, but I think the Yankees are a little worried themselves. Wednesday will the the game that will likely decide the series, but maybe the M's can steal a game they have no business stealing...