Mariners Analysis

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Vidro test

This is a very simple test. A simple yes or no is all that is required.

Question: Do you believe Jose Vidro should play second base?

The answer is of course no. If you answered yes, you failed the test and need to start over.

Baseball is about scoring runs and keeping the other team from scoring runs. Defense is a big part of baseball. You don't need to be an advanced scout to be able to watch Vidro and realize he has no business playing 2nd base for any team wanting to try to win a game.

Defense is underrated by many fans and front office personnel. Just because they don't understand the importance doesn't mean you have to fall into the same trap.

The logic is Lopez is making mental errors so let's replace him with a guy who will make physical errors instead.

Stupid is as stupid does. Don't fail the Vidro test.