Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good news/Bad news

John Hickey of the PI is reporting Guillen is unlikely to sign with the Mariners. If this is true, based on the article this would seem to be both good and bad.

The good news is the team realizes the one-year contract FA-type who actually performs does not mean you are obligated to deliver a life-changing multi-year contract. Jose Guillen was not a 1-in-a-million type of signing. The team had a need and filled it without mortgaging the future. Kudos to them for realizing it and resisting the need to throw dollars to keep him around. There is always another Guillen out there.

The good news would also appear Adam Jones has a good shot to make the outfield.

The bad news? Based on the article, which fits the Neanderthal thinking we've seen from the FO, the plan is to replace Guillen with Jones. Meaning Ibanez is free to stumble around LF and continue to hurt the pitching staff.

Most teams don't keep an aging lead-footed fielder in LF. It's what the DH position is all about.

The Mariners don't seem to be able to evaluate their own players strengths and weaknesses.

Hence the good news/bad news part of being a fan of this team.