Mariners Analysis

Monday, October 01, 2007

Playoffs finally here

With the playoff race lost weeks ago and McLaren refusing to look at the youngsters, this season finally came to a merciful end. I personally would have rather seen us finish with 85 wins and gotten a better idea of what the kids can do, but hey Guillen almost had 100 RBI's!


At least we're not Met fans today. I can't believe the sucker-punch to the gut they just administered to their fans. Imagine the M's collapse happening at the very end of the season instead of August/earl Sept. and imagine them being in first place the entire year. We just witnessed the biggest collapse I've seen since the Angel's in '95. To lose at home they way they did, when a single win is all it would have taken.... our collapse is nowhere near the train wreck.

So now we get to watch the playoffs and start thinking ahead to next spring. Remember all the talk from some quarters about winning the west with 85 wins? Remember the comparisons to last seasons 83 win Cardinals team? They chose to ignore history (which is) done at your own peril. The team played it safe, won 88 games and still sits in October. Raul is happy, but the fans get screwed and McLaren comes back.

More blech.

This winter we can argue about Morrow as a starter. About Sexson coming back. About the trades Bavasi will make.

Should Lopez pack his bags now?
Where will Wlad end up? (surely not in Seattle)
Did Gullien piss off Mac by publicly calling him a wuss?
Will we be tormented to an off season of hell with a Yankees championship?

Looking forward to an exciting off season.