Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fascinating story about A-Rod

By now most baseball fans have heard the story- Alex has gone around Boras and requested a meeting with the team w/o his agent present. Even the NY Times is reporting what started as rumors, so it appears to have legs.

By tomorrow I am certain writers will be writing this situation is not w/o precedent. Remember when Alex went around Boras and signed with the Mariners? Scott was so upset he sued to try and get out of it, but the Mariners ended up getting A-Rod to play against the advice of his agent (who felt he took a way-below-market deal by signing).

You would think A-Rod would learn- when you have hundreds of millions of dollars already, your integrity and reputation matter. While I would do all sorts of unthinkable things for a million dollars, Alex doesn't have to. His handling of the contract issue has been awful and it sounds like he's coming to his senses.

A-Rod has gone against the advice of Boras before and it worked out well. Looks like history might be repeating itself.