Mariners Analysis

Friday, November 02, 2007

Fascinating to see A-Rod situation play out

Everyone agrees Alex Rodriguez sent a giant "F*ck You" to the Yankees. If money is his true objective it made sense to at least listen to the team proposal and then shop it, using the ten days allowed in the contract to drive up the price. This would allow him to get a huge pay day and control where he landed, while at the same time giving him a good deal of time to plan for next season (new house etc...).

Instead, Alex basically burned any remaining bridge with the richest team in sports by not even listening to their offer. (We might also add he pissed off most of baseball with his timing.)

The only thing we can conclude are two possibilities:
- He already has an offer better than anything the Yankees might deliver
- He did not want to remain a Yankee

That's it. Nothing else would make any sense.

There is a chance baseball is repulsed by the Boras process and no one steps forward and offers him the $350+ million he is looking for. But it seems unlikely Boras would stake his reputation on such a highly visible client. It's one thing if Damon never got his 5 years. It's another if Alex is reduced to accepting a contact less than advertised. This is a landmark moment for A-Rod, Scott Boras and baseball.