Mariners Analysis

Friday, December 07, 2007

M's lack of a plan still apparent

The good news is the week ends and Bavasi hasn't made a terrible trade or signing yet (although the 4th year to Kuroda might qualify).

Is anyone else bothered we haven't seen even the hint of a non-traditional trade or signing spring up? We have them linked to a Japanese pitcher, which should surprise no one. We are linked to the Santana sweepstakes and are certainly players for Bedard.


Beyond that we really haven't heard much. Now it could be there are serious talks going on, but it's also possible the team isn't executing a plan simply because there isn't one.

Who are the hidden pitching gems Bavasi and staff have targeted? Surely the large team of scouts and consultants the team has hired have identified possible trade partners during the fall. Right? I mean they would have to have taken the time to build a plan with more detail then "let's get some pitching and beef up the bullpen."

We all know Dave and others at USS Mariner have identified the Rays as a good trading partner. They have a surplus of pitching and might be a team to target.

Who is the equivalent for the Mariners? I don't have a problem with them not going after the Rays, but I do have a problem if they don't have SOMEONE to target.

Other teams have been making deals. We know the Giants are desperate for hitting, so much so they are dangling Lincecum if rumors are to be believed.

Think about it. How often does a cheap, talented pitcher like Lincecum come along in baseball? He's everything the Mariners need- talented, under club control, from the area and hugely marketable. If I was Bavasi I would be doing everything possible to find out the price. Would a combination of Clement and Wlad interest the Giants? How about Jones for Lincecum straight up? I'm not sure I make that deal, but I at least make the call right?

If the Mariners are really serious about upgrading the rotation, they have known all along it will involve trading prospects. The free agent market was weak and everyone knew it. If you have to trade someone, surely Jones is the most valuable. Does Bavasi have a plan to replace Jones, or is he waiting for the market to make the decisions for him?

I would have handled the Guillen situation differently. I would be talking to Jenkins. I would be executing a plan.

If the Mariners have one, I don't think we know what it is.