Mariners Analysis

Monday, December 10, 2007

M's need to make decisions

Bavasi has offers on the table and is said to be waiting. He is now at the point in the offseason he needs to start executing his plan.

We saw over the weekend the news Bradley is signing with the Rangers. While Bavasi might have had no interest he is one less player out there. When enough available players are gone (a tipping point?), your plan is hosed and you might panic (and maybe trade Soriano for a bag of dirt).

If, for example Jenkins signs tomorrow with a team do you get worried if Jones is included in a Bedard deal? How long can Bavasi wait on other teams?

The team needs to set deadlines and needs to stick to them. With all the laughter that went on with Hank and the Santana deadline, the fact remains the Yankees realized they needed to control the negotiations. Boston can afford to wait for Santana- they have a good team regardless of what the Twins do. Bavasi doesn't have that luxury. This team isn't that good and they have a number of deals that must be done.

I would call the team I was most interested in making a deal first and giving them my BEST proposal. And let them know how long it will be there. If it doesn't work out you go to plan B.

I know this is all common sense, and I'm sure the team is doing something similar. But every day another player signs is that much less flexibility the team has to shape the 2008 season.