Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Still no bad news

It seems like the fan community for Seattle is all in agreement that whatever the teams does, it will likely be bad. So we all wait for news, any news, while at the same time being resigned to the idea the outcome will likely be bad.

The truth is Bavasi and company have little capital when it comes to good baseball decisions. The Ramirez trade last year was the last straw for many, and we didn't get many good baseball decisions since. From the departure of Hargrove, the McLaren extension, the "streak," the Jones playing time debacle... the team could use some good press.

Would landing Bedard change that? The reaction seems mixed. Obviously we don't know the price, and that will swing the opinion for sure, but most realize an older team like Seattle needs to be careful trading away youth.

Many people think of Seattle as a younger team thanks to the removal of the old guard when Boone and company were replaced with Lopez and Yuni. But Ichiro, Sexson, Batista, Ibanez, Kenji etc... aren't exactly kids. This is more of a veteran team then most realize, and trading away the likes of Jones, Morrow and company won't do anything to help the club over the next few years.

Fans see the Yankees suddenly afraid of losing talented kids and wonder why this applies to the highest revenue team in baseball and not the Mariners. Many wonder if Morrow won't be pitching better than Bedard in as little as two years, so why give up Jones at the same time? It's a valid concern, and I suspect the more fans think of the future the less likely the are going to go along with a plan that involves removing all of its most talented minor leaguers.

The one thing everyone agrees is Kuroda is probably the surest bet on signings right now and he's 32 years old. Bedard is not old, but he's going to cost really young cheap kids so he's only adding to the "veteraness" of the club.

Adding to the negative vibe surround the club is the Guillen debacle. The team had many options and chose the single worst outcome- no backup for Jones and no draft pick. If we think getting Bedard is going to cost us Jones, then who is our replacement? This is much like last year where the team is reactionary and is not actually implementing a plan. The reason Bedard is on the table is because the O's are making him available and Santana has no interest in playing here. This isn't part of some grand plan by the team, this is Bavasi dangling our most talented players and trying to see what he can get.

I don't trust our management to make a good decision based on years of watching them make terrible ones. I wait for the news, beer in hand...