Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The wait is over?

I've been waiting to see the plan. Wanting to know who the Mariners really wanted all along this winter.

The cynic says the Mariners pick the highest profile player and then tries to get him. When it fails (last place teams rarely get the best talent), they go down the list. In other words, they reach for the moon and then are forced to react to other teams moves as the pool of desirable talent shrinks. The evidence of this type of move is Soriano for Ramirez last winter.

Now we hear the M's are close to signing Carlos Silva for four years.

How does this not reinforce the worst stereotype of the Mariners front office? There is no possible plan that starts off with "Sign Carlos Silva to four year deal" as option #1.

This is the big move we were waiting for?

The offseason is going to suck, suck, suck.

More to come as we wait to see if this move is real or not.