Mariners Analysis

Monday, December 03, 2007

What a shocker- no Santana

Lots of folks are getting coal in their stockings a little early this year with the news Santana won't be putting on a Mariner uniform. People like Geoff Baker of the Times and many others felt this was actually a possibility. They even went so far as to try and spell out what they were willing to give up to acquire him.

But they forgot to include logic and reason in the deal. Sure, Santana was a possibility if he was willing to bypass teams like the Yankees and Red Sox... with their "winning" and "playoffs" and "money" and "competent management" and stuff like that.

It was a pipedream from day one, and we all knew it. I could throw out a Bloomquist-for-Pujols article and we would know it was a huge waste of time. Santana-for-XYZ was not far off. The list of assumptions required to even try and document the scenario required a dozen lawyers... so thankfully the entire idea can be put to rest.

Instead of hoping for a single savior, the team and its fans need to be realistic. The 2008 Mariners need more than a white knight to come in and save the season- they need a real pitching staff, better defense, a balanced offense, a bench that gets used...

So far Bavasi hasn't made any great moves, but he hasn't made any terrible ones either. He has money in his pocket and is working deals as we speak.

His track record says a trainwreck is coming. Let's brace for impact.