Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Debate on Bedard winding down

As fans we all wait for what we expect to happen- Jones+ is sent to Baltimore for Bedard. The debate raged and people took sides, but pretty much everything that can be said has been hashed and rehashed and now we just wait.

Clearly Geoff Baker isn't going to suddenly reverse course and say "you know what, I've listened to the Jones crowd and believe I was wrong for what I wrote earlier." Just as unlikely is Dave at USSM coming around on the trade either.

I still will continue to hammer on the side who wants to acquire Bedard to explain how they will replace Jones and Sherrill. I am guessing the signing of Rhodes coming off of TOMMY JOHN surgery doesn't qualify as a plan for most (sorry, but with both Reitsma and Rhodes being the only signings of note pitching wise I'm a little on edge).

The most curious development over the weekend was clearly Jones being pulled from Winter ball, but now has suddenly returned. I would love to hear a good explanation for it. The only thing that really makes sense is the team thought they were really close to pulling the deal and then one side backed up. Without more data it's the only explanation we have at this point.

I will also continue to hold it against Bavasi when he clearly is hell bent on trading Jones and yet never tendered arbitration to Guillen. The lack of prospects + no back up plan for Jones is just galling to no end. The lack of interest in Jenkins is icing on the cake and again leads any logical observer to conclude there is no offseason plan in place, just a series of unconnected moves that let the market and other teams dictate the roster.