Mariners Analysis

Monday, January 28, 2008

Drama continues

Two things could happen to make this week a little brighter. Peter Angelos kills the deal or the name "Triunfel" is not mentioned when it's official.

But assuming recent reports are true and the deal is going down, I expect there to be lots of conversations around our bullpen, outfield and rotation. Some big questions include:
- Who replaces Jones in the outfield, and could they have possibly mismanaged the Guillen situation any more?
- What's the plan with HoRam? What possible role/value does he bring?
- What budget remains to solve the bullpen hole created by GS52 leaving? (you know how Baker and the team likes veterans in the relief role)
- What to do with Morrow?
- Why does this mean Washburn is getting traded? (as some are suggesting)

And while we ponder these questions, just imagine a world where the M's rotation is Bedard, Felix and Lincecum. THAT would have competed with the Angels. I'm just not sure what we have today really gives us a chance at the division, but that's why we play the games, right?