Mariners Analysis

Friday, January 11, 2008

Forget about Anderson

As the debate continues, I notice a common argument among casual fans who are in favor of dumping half our farm system for Bedard. Exhibit 1 is often Ryan Anderson.

Yeah, we get it. He was a highly touted prospect who looked to be the next Randy Johnson. But it turns out he had severe injury issues crop up and never made it.

Was it because the scouts were wrong and Ryan Anderson never had the talent to get anyone out?


Was it because a bunch of stat heads hyped up his potential only to see him flame out under pressure?


He got hurt, just like tens of thousands of other prospects in professional sports who coulda been a contenduh... Bedard could get hurt tomorrow, so could A-Rod, so could Adam Jones. The list is endless.

There is a reason Cal Ripken is famous. Sure he had a nice career, but his ability to play regularly made him a freak of nature, just like Bret Favre (who I hope has a bad game tomorrow).

But just because Ryan Anderson didn't pan out is no reason to by so cynical about every player coming up in the system. Felix has been amazing. Should we have dumped him when he was still in the minor leagues for some "guaranteed veteran?" Of course not.

So those who fear Jones or others will be a bust need to get over the Ryan Anderson's of the world. Believe me, there are plenty of execs, family members and gas station attendants out there who wake up in a cold sweat over a woulda, coulda, shoulda career that never happened.

Ryan Anderson and Adam Jones have nothing in common other than being human.