Mariners Analysis

Friday, March 21, 2008

McLaren's frustation

Baker had some funny comments as well as general feedback from McLaren after last nights game- link

Basically McLaren didn't like the team loading the bases and not driving in a run with nobody out, as well as sloppy defense.

Well isn't that the pot calling the kettle black!

The 2008 Mariners have two issues we have been harping on for quite some time, and they aren't unique to this year: poor defense and a singles-happy team that can't walk.

This is not a news flash obviously. Only a few teams in all of baseball struggled more than the Mariners at converting balls in play into outs. And we all know this team is power deficient with Vidro as your DH and Sexson playing like a little leaguer.

It seems at times like McLaren forgets what type of team he inherited, and I suspect there are times it will frustrate him and cause him to say silly things. He's a lot like Lou in that regard.

Morse hitting into a double play with the bases loaded should have absolutely zero bearing on whether he makes the team. If McLaren wants Morse to play the outfield, he should have him play more there in spring training and make sure he emphasizes defense to the players when making his final selection. Small sample sizes like what he sees in last nights game really shouldn't be given much weight at all when making any decisions about the roster.

McLaren is a rookie manager who will make mistakes during the year. He will also say some pretty entertaining things along the way. We should probably not ready too much into his post-game comments, and judge him on his actions.

Sometimes what comes out of his mouth really doesn't make any sense. Entertaining? Yes. Displays good sense? Not so much.