Mariners Analysis

Monday, March 31, 2008

Most remarkable

Just while we sit here and wait for the opening pitch, the most amazing stat for me this winter is Jeff Weaver.

Still waiting for work.

A guy who made $8 million last year is out of work?!!

It's crazy. It's both great and mindblowing at the same time. As fans we wondered why the Mariners kept running him out there. We wondered what they saw.

But still, there is usually some team desperate for pitching who will take a flyer. I'm not sure if this is his agent, the market, or a combination of both. It's certainly possible a team has contacted Weaver only to be told he is looking for crazy money- like say half his salary from last year or something.

So while Reitsma sits at home stewing on his options, he should think of a guy like Weaver. Sitting by the phone, waiting for the ring to tell him he has a job. Baseball is a tough game, and when guys like Weaver aren't on an Opening day roster, it just goes to show the game is getting smarter (I hope Bavasi noticed...)