Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Felix time

The team and media may list Felix number two, but no question he is the ace of the staff in my heart and mind. I feel he did nothing in spring training or last season to "lose" the starting honor, and see no reason he won't be getting better and better with more experience. As long as he enjoys good health, this may be the last opening day he doesn't start for a long, long time.

This of course is not at all dependent on how he pitches today. Just as last years brilliant starts to the season didn't earn him the nod this year, he can give up 5 runs in the first and walk ten batters tonight and it won't change his potential. Given his modest salary and talent, if we really want the M's to win the World Series in the next few years, it's going to take Felix pitching like we know he is capable to get there.

So last night watching Bedard was fun. This game tonight is more serious. We have a work in progress who can thrill and disappoint all in one night. If he can throw a fastball for strikes and remove his maddening habit of grooving a ball down the middle of the plate about 3 times a game, he will be the savior this team has needed to lead them to the post season.


Last nights game was fun to watch, but we still don't know much about this team, or the Rangers. Our defense was spotty at times, and the Lopez attempted steal of 3rd was a large warning sign this team is not entirely on the same page just yet.

Realistically we won't really understand this team till June. We know the bullpen did a great job last night. We don't know how it will fare against other opponents, in other cities. We don't know much more about Sexson, McLaren or Vidro and won't for some time.

So right now we get to just have fun and watch the game. We don't need to over analyze every move, simply because the sample size is too small and we are watching human beings play a game.

Enjoy the win, enjoy the series and enjoy seeing baseball again.